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Rocket league

It is an video game in which your player is a rocket powered vehicle that will play soccer, and it's better known as a vehicular soccer game that was developed and published by psyonix an American video game maker organisation that was founded in 2000 and better known for making the game rocket league in 2015. Rocket league was first released to the xbox and PS4 in 2015.

 But it gained popularity in 2016 in February when the Twitch (a well known gaming platform in which many streamers play game and earn money) streamers starts to play the game and they all liked it very much because of it's unique idea of playing soccer with rocket powered cars and and that's why this game came in limelight in 2016. 

but it didn't stop here because this is just the beginning, because the game has now been entering to the esports and in esports it has made a massive respect for itself because this game announced a total of US$150,000 championship Cup and it was the highest prize pool for this game and it is also massive for a game to held a championship like this because we all know that it is not easy to do these types of things with the help of just a video game

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